CGDS Announces Another Publication by Dr. Shakir

We congratulate Dr. Shakir (Muhammad Usman), our Jan Warner Visiting Scholar, on his most recent publication. “Epistemological Violence Against the Yazidi Community: A Historical Perspective,” with second author Abdul Ghaffar Bhatti and third author Muhammad Imran, appears in  PalArch Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 18.8 (ISSN: 1567-214X). The article can be found here:  We are fortunate that Dr. Shakir is with us this coming fall semester. He will teach “Gendered Representations of Genocide” (LIT 355), a gender studies minor course.

Image description: This is the cover of a journal, in shades of orange. The top half has four lines of information about the journal in white, blue, and black font. The first line: Journals/Scientific Journals in; the second line: Paleontology and Egyptology; the third line: Palarch’s Journal of Archeology; the fourth line: of Egypt/Egyptology. The bottom half of the cover features a photograph of the Sphinx with the top of a pyramid visible behind her.