CGDS Provides Essential Education to Local Stakeholders

On Sunday, September 1st, the Center for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS) provided an in-depth training workshop on Social Justice in the city of Halabja to an audience of local NGOs working with gender and disability. The workshop, facilitated by Professor Lynn Rose and Dr. Choman Hardi, provided essential education and awareness around the complexity of gender, as well as the multifaceted nature of race/ ethnicity, class, disability, and sexuality. 

The participants included experienced locals who had been working on gender and development but continued to encounter difficulties and complex cases. The workshop aimed to break down stigmas and barriers around gender and disability, while also promoting an understanding of intersectional identities, and the importance of inclusiveness, empathy, and awareness. It addressed issues such as privilege,  the visibility and invisibility of disability, queer theory, and more.

CGDS prides itself on providing groundbreaking research and education both within the university environment as well as the wider community, specifically with vital stakeholders. The objective of the center  is to break down ongoing social taboos and encourage an atmosphere of dialogue and discussion around these essential topics, equipping local NGOs and stakeholders with the educational tools necessary to address social issues and conflicts.

For this reason, CGDS is an integral tool for development, progress, and policy design around the issue of gender. Considering the ongoing importance of gender and development in the region, as well as the country overall, the center undertakes  an innovative and pioneering projects that provide students at AUIS with an edge in the workplace and in daily life..