Our graduates talk about their experiences at AUIS and how it has impacted them personally and professionally. 

Mohamed Sabir, an International Studies Graduate

“AUIS has had a great impact on my life. In Iraq, we have always struggled for better leaders, but in terms of followers we have had more than enough. AUIS is here to create a new future for Iraq with leaders who believe in freedom, justice and democracy.”

"AUIS is what gave me purpose, along with the education and the opportunity to serve my community.”

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Dina Dara, an International Studies Graduate

“At AUIS, I did not only learn about international studies theories, Plato’s Republic, economics, world history, physics or journalism; I also had the chance to practice them through internships and activities on campus.”

"AUIS prepared me well in those four years for graduate school in the United States because of its liberal arts style education.”

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Mahdi Murad, a Business Administration Graduate

“I not only majored in business administration, but I also became a journalist, a playwright, and a sports lover through the various extracurricular activities that AUIS offers its students.”

"I believe that the extra knowledge and confidence that I gained, along with my degree, has been really helpful to me in getting hired by one of the most well known international companies around the world – Cisco Systems, Inc!”

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Sivar Qazaz, a Business Administration Graduate

"AUIS taught me to be free, more open minded and to coexist with others. Above all, it taught me to be more responsible towards my society.”

"The first time I learned about volunteer work was at AUIS. It was such an astonishing feeling to be able to make a difference in people’s lives without waiting for any return from them.”

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Tablo Karim, an English Journalism Student

“My peers, AUIS faculty members and the staff changed my view of the world and provided me with a toolkit that I will make use of for the rest of my life.”

"AUIS students are intelligent, unique and forward thinking; they want to help brighten the future of our country and be strong role models for future generations.”