Webinar on the Economic Benefits of Cultural Heritage

  February, 14, 2017 - Dr. Tobin Hartnell and the Center for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (CACHE) at AUIS, facilitated a webinar by Dr. Edward Salo, a professor at Arkansas State University, on the economic benefits of cultural heritage. The event was attended by AUIS students and a few guests from the University of Sulaimani. Dr. Salo talked about the importance of  using historic preservation as a way to help create communities and to encourage economic development, which as he explained is “not just about saving pretty buildings”. He started by explaining what historic preservation can do,“It can give us roots, enhance community pride, teach and inspire us, make communities more attractive and encourage travel and tourism.” He presented an interesting linkage between the past and future and how crucial historic preservation has been in unveiling the history of minorities in the United States. Dr. Salo also expressed his interest in the historic sites in Iraq, and mentioned how historic places are used in the United States and what they bring to their communities, “ They are used to create a basis for heritage tourism and that way they can enhance the economy and identity of communities,” he explained.  Photos contributed by Sara Aso. News contributed by Bana Aso.

Seminar: E-Government - Theories and Practices

The seminar will provide an introduction to E-Government in business, technology, and administrative context. Speakers will discuss the current implementation and research in the area, as well as the future vision of e-government in developing countries and the KRG region. AGENDA: 4:00 pm: Welcome and Introduction - Ms. Razee Hussein-Jamal 4:10 pm: E-Government: Theories & Practices - Dr. Farzad Sanati 4:30 pm: Secure E-Government - Mrs. Ala Barzinji 4:50 pm: Break 5:10 pm: Q&A session SPEAKERS: Dr. Farzad Sanati is teaching Information Technology, and working in the E-Government research group, at AUIS. Mrs. Ala Barzinji is a Ph.D student at Stockholm University studying E-Government, and currently teaching Information Technology at University of Sulaimani. Ms. Razee Hussein-Jamal is senior IT lab research assistant and IT coordinator at AUIS.
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