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AUIS Awards Certificates of Appreciation to DITAB Members

To strengthen the ties between educational requirements and market needs, AUIS continuously invites and incorporates inputs from industry experts and the private sector. A few years ago, the Information Technology program at AUIS established the first Department of Information Technology Advisory Board (DITAB). The role of DITAB is to contribute to the development and operation of the IT program by providing feedback on current activities and inputs for future initiatives of the program. Validating current activities and establishing new ones based on teaching guidelines, academic research, and industry demands ensure that the program is more beneficial to the students and to the society at large. “University programs, especially programs of fields that change very fast such as IT, need to be tied to industry needs and demands. AUIS practices this understanding through different activities on an institutional scale, but having an advisory board focused on one program has been more relevant and valuable to the program and the university”, said Dr. Hemin Latif, assistant professor of Information Technology who initially established and oversees DITAB. Dr. Atheer Matroud, chair of Information Technology Department stated, “DITAB is an essential component of our department. Throughout the years, DITAB helped us to understand the IT market, which guided us in making changes to our curriculum accordingly.” The first DITAB was composed of five industry experts from various companies in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, with IT and business expertise. The members included Dr. Faris Al-Salihi, CEO of Com Tech Communications, Mr. Jabbar Tahir, CEO of MidyaTech, Mr. Ahmed Rasheed, CTO of Gorannet, Ms. Zino Faruk, CEO of Rasan Pharmaceutical, and Ms. Bnar Salah, office manager at Genel Energy.   Recently, the term of the first DITAB members ended and the department is in the process of establishing the second term of the board. As a gesture of appreciation for the valuable contributions of the current members, AUIS presented certificates of appreciation to the members. The members reassured AUIS that they will continue their support to help AUIS create a better future for all.

IT Department Hosts Information Technology Day

  December, 2016: Every semester, the IT Department organizes one of the most popular events on campus – the IT Day. In this event, Information Technololgy majors participate by presenting projects on which they have been working, either on their own or as enhanced and modified class projects. This event does not only target undeclared majors with a view to choosing IT as their daily dose, but also to show the importance of IT. This season’s event featured projects ranging from websites, robotics, and networking.

AUIS Team Wins Startup Competition in Erbil

Smart Choice, an idea pitched by a group of seven IT students from AUIS, won first prize at this year’s Startup Weekend Erbil. The team, consisting of Hero Rfaat, Hevar Aziz, Brusk Awat, Snur Hamid, Mazn Adnan, Hussein Ahmed and Dashty Frya, said it was their first time presenting Smart Choice, and competing against nine other groups. Their idea was to develop a web application that can provide market information for recent high school graduates, and to help them decide their majors based on the findings. “The main idea is to collect data from companies and vendors, then bridge the skills that students have with the market demand,” said Hero, who presented their idea at the event with Snur. Startup Weekend Erbil is an entrepreneurial event that offers a chance to young entrepreneurs to present their ideas to an audience that includes potential sponsors and funders. The teams are judged on the feasibility of their ideas. During the event, teams pitch their ideas and have the weekend to work on a prototype to present to a panel of judges. The judges then decide on the winning pitch. "We definitely felt that being AUIS students gave us an advantage. An adviser from the Ministry of Finance was very impressed by what our students were capable of doing,” said Brusk, who thought that the university has a reputation of producing hard working students. “We also want to thank Professor Hemin Latif for all his help and advice. He skyped with us that weekend and guided us towards a persuasive presentation,” added Snur. The group is now looking forward to implementing their idea, and making Smart Choice a reality. They are currently getting ready to meet one of their sponsors who attended the event. And with a year long professional training as a prize, the next step for them is to successfully run and develop their project. We wish them all the best!  

I.T. Day

IT Day
An event organized by the IT department to show the interesting and fun side of the IT world to AUIS students. There will be games, snacks, beverages, and exciting student projects. Stop by & see how "IT is FUN"! Open to AUIS community only.  
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