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AUIS MathFest 2016

The event is organized by the Undergraduate Mathematical Society, a student organization at AUIS, and will take place on Feb 13, 2016. The event will include many exciting activities, and will commence with interesting lectures on mathematics by experts.    The competition will be divided into two junior and senior competitions.    The Senior Competition will consist of a game show-like round btween AUIS and the University of Sulaimani.    The Junior Competition has one round similar to the senior competition, and will have teams participating from four high schools from Sulaimani.    Participants will be required to bring their university student ID cards on the event day to register.   Register here to attend the event.   

2017 Sulaimani Earth Day Festival Promotes Environmental Concern and Awareness

“The Earth is our home. Protect our home.” In a region known for its stunning natural beauty, it is fitting that people want to protect the environment and keep it for future generations. This was the spirit behind the 2017 Sulaimani Earth Day Festival, held in Azadi Park on April 22nd. The Festival was organized in collaboration with the international Earth Day Network and the March for Science. The Festival began with a service walk around the park, during which participants picked up debris and rubbish. After the cleanup, approximately 20 organizations from around the city had set up informational tables to educate attendees about a variety of environmental, scientific, and healthcare issues. As the people enjoyed the exhibitor booths, live music was played, and poetry in Kurdish and English was performed. A “trash relay” competition was also officiated by the Suli Runners club.   The event was organized by students associated with the AUIS Environment Keepers club with significant input and help from Nabil Musa and Waterkeepers Iraq. Other environmental organizations that exhibited were Nature Iraq, Nature Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Botanical Foundation, the Ainda Organization, Green Environment, and the Persian Leopard Conservation project. The Festival was not the first of its kind to be held in Azadi Park. From 2012 to 2014, Nature Iraq helped organize the Sulaimani Green Arts and Music Festival with similar goals. Zayne Amer, Senior English Instructor in AUIS’s Academic Preparatory Program, who participated in both festivals, said, “I’ve seen the positive impact that events like this Festival can have on the Suli community. Hopefully this will promote more civic engagement and activism in the future.” Article contirbuted by Chris Edwards, Academic Preparatory Program (APP) Photos by Wud Salam, Communications student volunteer 

Guest Lecture on Contemporary Photography by Akam Shex Hadi

  Internationally renowned Kurdish photographer, Akam Shex Hadi, will give a talk on his approach towards contemporary photography. He will also discuss some of his latest work that has been exhibited internationally. This guest lecture will be the inuagural event of the AUIS10 Art Week running from May 7 - 13, 2017.  The talk will be in Kurdish but will be interpreted by a student volunteer in English.  The event is open to all AUIS community. 

Open Mic Night

Another exciting Open Mic Night arranged by the AUIS Voice at the Soho Restaurant and Lounge, Family Mall, Sulaimani .  Contact: Artin Barawi, Editor-in-Chief, AUIS Voice | 

Information Technology Day

Our IT students will be presenting creative, interactive and fun projects tomorrow from 11:15 - 12:15 in A-B1-Hallway. This event is sponsored by Dario Cafe. There will be plenty of pizzas, cakes, cupcakes, beverages and much more! You can also win unique prizes we collected just for this special event. One more thing, we have lots of stickers! You should put at least one on your laptop! 

War, Health, and Refugees: A Panel for AUIS Students

Ever considered working in a humanitarian organization or NGO? Do you want to understand how some of the most complex emergencies are met? Have you wondered about how refugees obtain basic needs, especially healthcare? If so, this panel may be of interest to you. This panel will include leaders of MSF, UNHCR, and more. Come and ask them questions about how they do their work.  Contact: Mac Skelton, IRIS Fellow |  

TAG Motivational Talk

The Action Group and Langwa Club have invited AUIS faculty members Choman Hardi, Raguez Taha, Tobin Hartnell and Mazen Bou Khuzam to give motivational talks this Sunday. The event is open to all AUIS community. Contact: Avin Adil Barkhy, TAG President,     

Celebrating the Global Day of the Engineer

On April 5 the AUIS Engineering Club celebrated the international Global Day of the Engineer, an event that brought professionals and students together to share and learn about the engineering experience. A discussion was held and led by a panel of women engineers in Sulaimani with fields ranging from mechanical and electrical to site engineering. Panelists included Dlnya Abdalla,  Hawbash Osman,  Ranoo Hiwa,  Kosar Rauf, and  Nawa Shorsh. The discussion was opened by AUIS lecturer Raguez Taha who explained the themes of the day, including challenges for aspiring engineers, the necessity of skill development, and the critical role of women engineers within organizations.  Starting now #AUIS EngineeringClub celebrates #GlobalEngineeringDay @AUIS_NEWS — Raguez Taha (@RaguezT) April 5, 2017 In reflecting on their work environment, the speakers emphasized on developing communication skills and encouraging students to learn more languages as work environment is more diverse and global now. Ms. Dlnya Abdalla, electrical engineer at Gasin cement company suggested having experienced mentors as part of building practical knowledge base. Dlnya Abdalla from Gasin Cement encourages the importance of time management & asking questions #GlobalDayoftheEngineer @AUIS_NEWS — Raguez Taha (@RaguezT) April 5, 2017 Ms. Kosar Rauf, electrical project engineer at Qaiwan Group, shared information about her ongoing research on energy sustainability using solar power and wind turbine to limit environmental damage, while Ms. Hawbash Osman from Kurd Oil Refinery discussed several aspects of work related to the mechanical engineering field. Kosar Rauf from @QaiwanGroup discusses alternative fuel options to deal with energy crisis in #Kurdistan #GlobalDayoftheEngineer @AUIS_NEWS — Raguez Taha (@RaguezT) April 5, 2017 Site engineer Ms. Ranoo Hiwa from Garden City project advocated that a key learning principle is to spend more time in the field than at the desk, “I prefer working on the site, rather than working on laptop,” she said. AUI alumna and Engineer lab manager, Nawa Shorsh, discussed the competition in the private sector for aspring engineers, emphasizing that companies are in search of multi-skilled individuals who have invested their time and energy in internships and part-time jobs while studying.  Submitted by AUIS student Fawwaz Salahuddin Mohammed 

Week of Strength - Spring 2017

  The Student Services Office is hosting the Spring 2017 Week of Strength! There will be the ever popular Arm Wrestling Tournament, Push-up Contest, and a new event: Tug of War.    These events will happen on the steps outside the Cafeteria at 11:30AM every day of the week.   Arm Wrestling on Sunday 9th, Tuesday 11th, Thursday 13th Push-ups on Monday 10th Tug of War on Wednesday 12th   There will be fabulous prizes for the winners!  


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