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AUIS MathFest 2016

The event is organized by the Undergraduate Mathematical Society, a student organization at AUIS, and will take place on Feb 13, 2016. The event will include many exciting activities, and will commence with interesting lectures on mathematics by experts.    The competition will be divided into two junior and senior competitions.    The Senior Competition will consist of a game show-like round btween AUIS and the University of Sulaimani.    The Junior Competition has one round similar to the senior competition, and will have teams participating from four high schools from Sulaimani.    Participants will be required to bring their university student ID cards on the event day to register.   Register here to attend the event.   

Privilege, Power, and Hierarchy: A Diversity Training Workshop

On October 22 and October 29, the Center for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS) at AUIS hosted a two-part diversity training workshop about privilege, power, and hierarchy. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Choman Hardi and Dr. Lynn Rose. The training equipped AUIS students to actively engage with and challenge social injustice by starting discussions about these issues in local high schools. Dr. Choman focused on gender inequality, social construction, and sexist language on the first day of the workshop, while Dr. Lynn focused on different kinds of discrimination against people with disabilities on the second day. Speaking about her aims for the workshop, Dr. Choman said, “We, in AUIS, have many discussions that are not held elsewhere. We sort of live in a bubble. There are many ideas that are discussed and accepted here which could endanger people’s lives outside this place. We think it is important to take this conversation outside. We do not want to be an elitist bubble in a sea of traditional, conservative views, but we aim to engage the community. That is the role of universities generally; that they don't stick to themselves, they actually create ideas that go out to society, and hopefully this training will help towards that.” Dr. Lynn had high hopes for the future regarding social equality in Kurdistan, stating, “I think it could start here in Kurdistan. Why not make this a huge center of change? I wouldn't be happy if it stayed here, but if it started in Kurdistan; if we became a hotbed of revolution for gender equity and accessibility and everything else that's good, why not? I think that would be good, and then we would spread out from there.” A total of 30 students, many of them members of the Action Group (TAG), took part in the workshop and engaged in lively discussions and debates. The students were awarded certificates for completing the workshop. The trained group aims to give presentations in schools around Sulaimaniah in a bid to raise awareness among teenagers about social inequity in Kurdistan. The Center for Gender and Development Studies aims to repeat the training next semester to give more students the opportunity to learn and engage.

Rebaz Foundation Information Session

Breast Cancer Awareness at the American University of Iraq, Sulamani Early detection of Breast Cancer can lead to prevention. Rebaz Foundation started this campaign in order to expand the knowledge related to breast cancer and how to detect it among young women. As part of this campaign, Rebaz Foundation would like to give a lecture/seminar by an experienced doctor, so that young women at the university know how to examine themselves.  Dr. Kazdhim Faruq is from Kurdish origin. He studied Palliative Care Management in Applied Science Private University in Jordan. He continued his studies in Oxford University where he studied Good Clinical Practice and Clinical Trail Investigator. He received his MB ChB (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in University of Sulaimani. In 2015 he acquired his Master of Science in Clinical Oncology in University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He currently works in Hiwa Cancer Hospital.

Celebrating Nali

  On November 14th, 2016, students commemorated the National Day of Sulaimani by celebrating the works of the acclaimed Kurdish poet Nali. The organizers included students from AUIS, University of Sulamani and Salahaddin University, who are all on the staff of DidiMn - a literary website.  >> یەکەم ئیڤێنتی کلتووریی دیدی من بەهاوبەشیی زانکۆی ئەمریکی بەڕێوە چوو >> ڕۆژی نالی بە وێنە The evening began with a moving and powerful recitation of the poem "Camekay Nali Bo Slemani" by Rzgar Amin. Bushra Kasnasazi, a writer and professor at the University of Sulaimani then hosted a panel discussion on Nali's work with Kurdish writer Rabwar Siwaili, and Dr. Dilshad Ali, professor at University of Sulaimani. The discussion was focused on the research and publications on Nali's work produced by both the panelists. This was followed by a lively Q&A session with the panel. The discussion was followed by some poetry reading by journalist and poet Shalaw Habiba, while AUIS student Pshtewan Babakir read from English translation of the same poem.  The evening ended with a beautiful musical performance of Nali's poetry by the talented AUIS Oriental Music Club. Students also distibuted beautiful handmade souvenirs with Nail's most famous verses. The event, Nali's Day, was attended in great numbers by the literary community of Sulaimani and the AUIS community. The program was conducted by AUIS student Shatoo Diyar Bakir. The main organizers from AUIS included students Shene Mohammed, Zhiwar Jawhar and Pshtewan Babakir.  The event was made possible with the generous contribution of our sponsors: Chalaak's Place, Ako Printing, Bahar Group, and Taha Sadiq Group.   

Fourth TAG Seminar

The Action Group (TAG) will be hosting their fourth seminar this Sunday. The seminars focus on issues in the community like inequality and injustice through research presentations conducted by the student club members.  Agenda for the conference: Opening: By AUIS student Gardinya Jutyar (3 min) Keynote Speaker: Fayaq Hamasalih (15 min) A talk about photography and social injustice.  First Video: Alternative Swear Words (10 min) Research Presentation: By Saya and Barzah Presenting on disability (10 min) Play: About clothing and Harassment (15-20 min) Played by AUIS Drama Club Directed by AUIS student Raz Rizgar Second Video: Overview about TAG (5min) Music: Hamid Banaee and Oriental Music Club (45 min) Zryan's Farewell Speech (3min) Certificates Outside the Conference Hall: Refreshments Photo exhibition of Fayaq Hamasalih

Engineering Club Rube Goldberg Competition

  Come and enjoy creative displays of Rube Goldberg models by AUIS students! The Engineering Club is hosting their second annual AUIS Rube Goldberg competition on November 24th after the success of last year's event. This time, the audience will also get a chance to pick their favourite model.  Read about the first AUIS Rube Goldberg competition here.   Rube Goldberg was an American cartoonist, engineer and inventor. He has become famous for his Rube Goldberg Invention comics which depict simple tasks being completed through a series of complicated steps connected in a chain reaction. Although he never created the machines in his comics, it has inspired other engineers to create their own.   The Rube Goldberg annual competition invites high school and college level teams from around the world to create their own Rube Goldberg machines to complete a simple task. The link explains more about the Rube Goldberg competition:

Wikipedia Education Program Workshop

A workshop by Wikipedia Education Program for students and faculty on how best to use Wikipedia for assignments and research; editing Wikipedia pages, and creating new content.  About the Workshop While you read this, Wikipedia and its sister projects develop at a rate of over 10 edits per second, performed by editors from all over the world in more than 295 languages.   Currently, the English Wikipedia includes 5,288,573 articles while the Kurdish Wikipedia has only about 18,000 articles and the Arabic Wikipedia has only around 477,000 articles. Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing!  Please join us to learn how to be a Wikipedian and find out how easy and simple it is to add free and useful content about a topic of your interest!    The presentation will include: Brief introduction about Open knowledge and Wikipedia. Learning how to edit an article and how to create a new article. Introduction of Wikipedia Education Program and how to implement it in American University of Sulaimaniya. Notes for participants Please bring your laptops with you to the workshop Please create an account on Wikipedia before attending the workshop. It only takes a few minutes! 

APP FYE Reading Club

This event is part of the First Year Experience Social Activities program run by the Academic Preparatory Program. At this event, Ms. Hayley Sterling will help students develop a love for reading literature.  The event is open to APP students. 

Yadi Slemani

  On Sunday, November 13, 2016, The Action Group organized an event to celebrate the Sulaimani Memorial Day (Yadi Slemani) at AUIS. To commemorate the city that is famous for it's culture, Ms. Gaziza Omer Ali, a director and actress gave a keynote speech on women's role in drama and theatre. Another actor and TV host, Mr. Aso Omer Swara, then gave a presentation on Sulaimani. The event also featured a music performance by the Zna Group,  a poetry reading by AUIS students Solin Salahalddin and Gardinya Jutyar, and a documentary on Amay Jola, a successful Kurdish businesswoman, who is famous for her Baklawa. Students and guests were asked to come in their traditional Kurdish clothes, to honor the culture of the city.   پێشەنگی زانکۆی ئەمریکی لەیادی شاری شاران، سلێمانی  زانکۆی ئەمریکی لە یادی پایتەخی ڕۆشنبیری بووە پێشەنگی ئەم یادە بە ئامادەکردنی چەند کۆڕ و کۆ-بەستەبوونی جیا، کە چەندین چالاکی و فرە نیشانی لە خۆگرت، پەیوەست بە دروستبوونی سلێمانی لە زەمەنی دامەزراندنیەوە بە مەدای ئێستا چەندین گۆڕانکاری لە هەموو بوارەکانا تیا بەرجەستە کراوە، کە بە شارێکی هەرە زیندوو دادەنرێ لە کوردستانی عێراقدا. لەیەکەم ڕۆژی چالاکیەکان، گرووپی کردار توانی کۆڕێكی جودا، گشتگیر لە چالاکی ساز بکات، بە بانگێشتکردنی چەند میوانێ، کە دەمێ مێژووی سلێمانی لە خۆیانا دەڵێنەوە و هەست بەبوونی گۆڕانە سیماییەکانی شار دەکەن، لە یادە خۆش و درشتەکانی بە ئاگابوون، تەرخەم بە چالاکی و خزمەت لە بوارەکانی شانۆ و خستنەڕووی دونیای ونی جیهان و پەیوەست بە شاری شارانەوە؛ ئەوانیش ئاسۆی عومەر سوارە و خاتوو گەزیزە، کە هەردوو خاوەنی ئەزموونێکی دوورمەودان لە بواری شانۆ و سینەمادا. لە ڕۆژی دووەم گروپی "دیدی من" توانی لەسەر یەك وێنای گەورەی شاعیرێکی مەزن کۆمانبکاتەوە، کە سیما و سونبوولی کوردە، ئەوەش یادی نالی شاعیربوو، کە لەم ڕۆژەدا یادی سلێمانی واتای تەواوی شاری ڕۆشنبیری دەدا، بەجۆرێ ئامادەکاری بۆ ئەم یادەکرابوو، چەندین جۆرە میوزیك و خوێندنەوەی شیعر و باسی گەورەی نالی دەخرایە ڕوو. لە لایەکی ترەوە ئەم یادە مەزنە دەیگەڕانینەوە بۆئەوەی کە شاری شاران هەمیشە جێگەی بیری نوێ و نووسین بووە. جیا لەم چالاکیانە، باسی گرنگی شاری سلێمانی بە چەندنین جۆر کرا لە ڕووی سیاسی و ئەدەبی و جوگرافی و مێژووی یەوە، ڕۆڵی گەورەی هەبوو لەسەر ناوچەکانی دەوروبەر، بە جۆرێ بووەتە جێگەی فەراهەکردنی ماف و کەمکردنەوەی نایەکسانی؛ داینەمۆی دروست بوونی شۆڕشی نوێ و ئاڕاستەی جیاواز بە چەندین فۆرم و شێوەی جیا، کە سەرۆك ئاپۆ لە دیمانەیەکدا دەڵێ: بۆ دروست کردنی کوردستانێکی ئازاد، پێویستەمان بە چەند سلێمانیەکی ترە. هەر بۆیە شاعیری گەورەی کورد، کامەران موکری، ناوی ناوە شاری هەڵمات و قوربانی. لەڕووی ئەدەبیەوە، شاری سلێمانی جێگەی دروست بوون و زیندووبوونەوەی ئەدەبی نوێ بووە؛ مەبەست، گۆڕانەکانی ئەدەبی جیهان لەگەڵ شێوە ئەدەبیاتی ناوچەکە وەك دروست بوونی شیعری ئازاد و پەرەپێدانی کورتە چیرۆك لە ساڵانی ڕابردوو، کە چەندین نووسەر و شاعیر ڕۆڵی گەورەیان هەبوو لە ئاڕاستەکردنی بابەتە فرەییەکان وەك ئەمین زەکی بەگ و کاوس قەفتان، ئەوڕەحمان مزووری، و ئەحمەدی خانی هەروەها نالی، مەحوی، ئەخۆل، شێرکۆ بێکەس، گۆران و چەندین شاعیرو نووسەری دی کە ڕوویەکی گەورەی ئەدەبیاتی کوردین. لە ڕووی جوگرافیاوە، ئەم شارە دەکەوێتە ناوچەیەکی شاخاوی کە سیمایەکی جودا لە شێوەی دروست بووی هەیە جیا لەشارەکانی دی کورستان، کە ئێستە بە شارێکی گەشتیاری هەژماردەکرێ. شاری سلێمانی لەپاش ڕاپەرینی ئازاری ١٩٩١ەوە فراوانبوون و پێشکەوتنێکی بەرچاوی بەخۆوە بینیوە و ئێستا یەکێکە لە شارە ھێمن و خاوێنەکان لە عێراق. ئیبراھیم پاشای بابان لە ساڵی ١٧٨٤دا شاری سلێمانیی دامەزراندووە و پایتەختی میرنشینەکەی لە قەڵاچوالانەوە گواستووەتەوە بۆ سلێمانی، و پاشان چەند بنەماڵەیەك کاریان بۆ بنیادنان و پەرەپێدانی شارەکە کردووە وەك، شاڵی، قەفتان و قەزازەکان؛ و چەندین گروپ و هۆزی دی. ئارام قەفتان


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