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The American University of Iraq, Sulaimani was established to reform higher education in the country. AUIS prepares its graduates for a rapidly changing economy and globalized society by offering an American-style, comprehensive education. At AUIS, students are required to have excellent language skills which they develop in the Academic Preparatory Program, where learning how to read and write in English is juxtaposed with learning student success skills. Students enrolled in the undergraduate program receive education in disciplines ranging from effective persuasive writing to the scientific method to statistics - and competent in a specialization – from management to construction engineering to web systems. This liberal style of education with multi-disciplinary courses fosters creativity, critical thinking and a greater knowledge of the world. 

At AUIS, there is a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities which promote student engagement in volunteering initiatives, community outreach, internships, student clubs, athletics and the creative arts. The AUIS motto is "Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow" and the University is committed to providing the space and support for student activities that encourage initiative, creativity, service to community and leadership, skills necessary for success both before and after graduation. AUIS also provides high-quality services that ensure student success after AUIS, such as the Career Services Center, graduate school counseling, on-campus work experience, job fairs and more. It is AUIS's mission to produce graduates of responsible character who are prepared for successful careers.