Spring Admissions Round

Spring Admissions Round will only run if AUIS has seats left from the Early and Regular Admissions Rounds. Serious applicants should apply to Early or Regular Admissions Rounds to ensure application will be considered in 2016-2017.

The Spring Admissions Round is for applicants that wish to begin AUIS in the spring term because they did not yet enroll in a university or are unhappy with their university selection and would like to switch schools.

Application Requirements:

  • Completed AUIS application form (either in earlier round or a new application)
  • Completed Baccalaureate (or equalized equivalent)
  • Minimum Baccalaureate is TBD
  • TOEFL ITP score (or equivalent)

Application and Testing

Sunday, January 8

TOEFL ITP testing dates begin

Wednesday, January 18

TOEFL ITP testing ends

A new TOEFL ITP score must be obtained for the Spring Admissions Round, old scores from Early and Regular Admissions Rounds are invalid.

New applications must completed by new applicants; returning applicants may re-use prior application.

Admissions Results

Monday, January 30

UG and APP acceptances announced

Unclaimed acceptances will be considered withdrawn applications.

All cases will be accepted for Spring terms.

Accepted applicants can:

  1. Enroll - Legally commit to AUIS
  2. Decline - Cancel your spot at AUIS

Spring is the final round of the academic year.


Thursday, February 2

 UG and APP enrollment session

Monday, February 6

 Remaining APP enrollments

Attending Orientation is mandatory.