Sheelan Rafeeq Aref, Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

M.Sc. Baghdad University
B.Sc. Technology University 

Office: D-F1-08

Sheelan started her academic career in 1996 as a researcher at the Advanced Materials Research Center at Technology University in Baghdad, and taught at the Department of Material Sciences at Technology University between 2003 and 2010.

In Fall 2010, she moved to Sulaimani University's College of Eucation (Physics Department) and taught there until Spring 2016. She is now a faculty member of Mathematics & Natural Sciences Department at AUIS, with 20 years of experience in academic teaching at undergraduate and post graduate levels. 

Her main interest lies in in material science, polymer composite, nano polymer composite, and smart materials. She has published several papers in those areas, and is currently working on an article about the interaction between the lasers with nano polymer blends.


Corrosion behavior of copper-steel particulate composite. Modern Applied Science vol.5, No. 3 June (2011), accepted in (2010).

Effect of (Zn & Mg) on corrosion behavior of shape memory alloys. Engineering & Technology Journal Vol. 28, No. 18 (2010), accepted in (2009).

The effect of fiber orientation on creep behavior and flextural strength in epoxy composites. Engineering & Technology Journal Vol.28 , No7, (2010), accepted in (2009).                                                                  

Characterization of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys. Engineering & Technology Journal Vol. 28, No. 5 (2010), accepted in (2009).

Effect of different chemical solution on tensile strength of polymer composite. Engineering & Technology Journal Vol. 28, No.4 (2010), accepted in(2008).

Study of chemical solutions and absorption coefficient in polymer composite reinforced with glass fibers. Engineering & Technology Journal Vol. 26, No. 12 (2008), accepted in(2007).

Study of water absorption in phenol-epoxy blends reinforced with glass fibers. Engineering & Technology Journal Vol. 26, No.10 (2008), accepted in(2007).

Effect of Gamma radiation on compressive strength in polymer composite. Engineering & Technology Journal Vol.26, No.4 (2008).

Research Supervisor

Effect of weathering on (impact & Dielectric) strength of Epoxy-polysulphide blend reinforced with different particles (2009-2010).

Weathering of Epoxy composite reinforced with different fibers (2009-2010).

Piezoelectric materials (2011-2012).

Conductive polymers (2011-2012).

Smart fluids (2011-2012).

Differential scanning calorimeter (2012-2013).

Scanning tunneling microscope (2012-2013).

Carbon (nano fibers & nano tubes) (2012-2013).

Study the optical properties of polymer composite by Nd:YAG laser(2013-2014).

Study the IR spectrum of polymer composite bombarded by Nd-YAG laser (2014-2015)

Effect of Nano particls on Impact Strength of polymer blends (2015-2016).