Regular Admissions Round

The Regular Admissions Round is meant for serious applicants that want to review all of their admissions options, including the KRG zankoline and Iraqi university placement results, before making a final decision about AUIS.

Regular Admissions Round applicants will ideally receive final admissions results in late November after the KRG zankoline and Iraqi university placement results are announced. Exact timing of public university placements is not guaranteed.

The Regular Admissions Round results will depend on how much space is left after the Early Admissions Round; more competitive applicants (based on Baccalaureate score) will have advantage if spots are limited.

Regular Admissions Round accepted applicants will be asked to legally commit to AUIS in late November and legally forfeit their spot in the public university system.

For 2015-2016, Regular Admissions Round students will enroll directly into the APP Access Program.

Application Requirements

  1. Completed AUIS online application form
  2. Completed Baccalaureate score (or equalized equivalent)
  3. TOEFL ITP score (or equivalent)

Application and Testing Period

Sunday, July 24  

  Online application period opens

Monday, August 1  

  TOEFL ITP testing dates begin
Monday, November 7

  Application deadline for APP Access

Wednesday, November 9

  Testing deadline for APP Access

Applications for fall term are not accepted after final deadline.

Delayed test results will not disqualify applicants.

Admissions Results

Monday, November 7

  Regular Round results announced #1

Thursday, November 24

  Regular Round results announced #2

Monday, November 28 

  Regular Round results announced #3






Unclaimed acceptances will be considered withdrawn applications.

Students that qualify for the undergraduate program will be given seats for Spring 2017 term.

Assuming public university results come back before fall term, accepted applicants can:

  1. Enroll - Legally commit to AUIS
  2. Decline - Cancel your spot at AUIS

Because the public university academic calendar begins in December, and the Ministry of Higher Education requests new student records to be submitted shortly after zankoline results are announced, AUIS requests that all Regular Admissions Round applicants make a final decision. No deferring from Regular to Spring is allowed.

To apply for the spring, after public universities have already begun coursework, applicants must re-apply.



 1 week after zankoline announcement

Thursday, December 1

 Regular Round enrollment deadline #2 



APP Orientation is mandatory for newly enrolled students starting in the fall term. Missing APP Orientation will result in the termination of the spot in the fall term. APP Access Program will still be available.

If accepted to the undergraduate program after September 1, newly enrolled student must wait until the Spring 2017 undergraduate term to move into dorms, attend orientation and begin courses. New student may also choose to forfeit their undergraduate spot and attend APP Level 4 in the fall term.