Sulaimani Forum: Iraq's Political Scene: Mapping the Settlement or Settlement of the Map?

Moderated by Lukman Faily, former Iraqi ambassador to the United States, the panel discusses the politics in Iraq, the requirements for national political reconciliation, and what a new Iraq could look like in the future.

Moderator:  Lukman Faily, former Iraqi Ambassador to the United States
Salim Al Jbbouri, Speaker of Parliament, Government of Iraq
Aram Shaykh Muhammed, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Government of Iraq
Fuad Hussein, Chief of Staff, Office of the Presidency, Kurdistan Regional Government
Adil Abdelmahdi, former Vice-president, Government of Iraq
His Beatitude Louis Raffael Sako, Chaldean Patriarch
Mina Al Oraibi, Member of the Board of Trustees, AUIS


The Fifth Annual Sulaimani Forum