Sulaimani Forum 2016: The Economic Crisis and Challenge of Reform

Sulaimani Forum 2016 Panel 5: The Economic Crisis and Challenge of Reform

Iraq’s government has stated it will be unable to pay salaries by next month, oil prices remain at record low and bankruptcy is a term repeated more frequently in Baghdad and Erbil. Economic woes have been directly linked to mismanagement and corruption, leading to demonstrations calling for serious change. The panel addresses the severity of the economic crisis facing the country, while looking at the feasibility of structural reforms.

Ben van Huevelen - Managing Editor, Iraq Oil Report
Adil Abdulmahdi - Minister of Oil, Government of Iraq
Qubad Talabany - Deputy Prime Minister, KRG
Ambassador Stuart Jones - US Ambassador to Iraq
Sibel Kulaksiz - Iraq Director, World Bank
Ali Alaq - Governor, Central Bank of Iraq