Iraq Leadership Fellows




IRIS and AUIS are partnering with Konard Adenauer Foundation and GPD Chairtable Trust on the Iraq Leadership Fellows (ILF) Progam. The ILF was founded in 2017 in response to the growth of a generation of educated and politically and socially engaged young Iraqis who are keen to positively shape the future of their country. The program offers these future leaders an opportunity to learn cutting edge techniques in campaigning, community organizing, and advocacy. This is done through thee multi-day training workshops with world-class teachers, and through peer-to-peer engagement with other young leaders from across the Middle East. Through the course of the Fellowship, our Fellows develop, refine, and launch their own political or social campaigns with intensive mentoring and support. The Fellows also develop deep relationships with their peers that equip them with a diverse network of Iraqis with whom they can collaborate and continue to develop their movements. More information about the Iraq Leadership Fellows Program, the fellows, and the staff organizing the sessions is available here.