Housing Calendar

The Housing Calendars below are based on the latest Academic Preparatory Program (APP) Calendar and the Undergraduate (UG) Academic Calendar.

Here you can see important dates for housing orientation, check in, inspections and check out. Please ensure that you mark you calendars and save these dates. 

Fall 2016:

Thursday, September- 1st                                                                          UG freshman check in (Orientation)

Saturday, September- 3rd                                                                           UG fall term check in

Friday  September 9th, Saturday September 17th                                      Eid Al Adha (dorm close)

Saturday, October 15th                                                                             APP freshmen check in (Orientation)  

Saturday, October 22nd                                                                          APP fall term check in

Friday, December 23rd (10am) to Sunday, January 1st                        Winter break(Dorm close)

Winter 2017:

Sunday, January 1st  (2:00pm)                                                                Winter term check in

Thursday, January 26th                                                                            Winter term inspection

Friday, January 27th (10am) to Saturday, February 4th                      Dorm close for maintenance

Spring 2017:

Saturday, February 4th                                                                            UG freshman check in (Orientation)

Saturday, February 4th                                                                            UG spring term check in

Wednesday, February 8th                                                                      APP freshman  check in (Orientation)  

Saturday, February 11th                                                                         APP spring term check in

Friday, March 17th (10am) to Friday, March 24th (2 pm)                 Nawroz break (Inspection & Dorm close)

Tuesday, May 2nd (10am) to Thursday, May 11th (4pm)                  Register & request for Fall 2017 housing

Wednesday, May 17th                                                                            APP checkout

Wednesday, May 24th to Thursday, May 25th                                    UG summer break- Checkout

Summer 2017:              

Saturday, May 27th                                                                               UG Summer term A check in           

Saturday, June 3rd                                                                                 APP summer term check in            

Friday, June 23rd (10am) to Saturday, July 2nd (2pm)                     Eid Al-Fitr (Inspection & Dorm close)

Saturday, July 29th                                                                                UG Summer term B check in           

Sunday, August 27th                                                                             UG Summer term B checkout

Tuesday, August 29th                                                                           End of APP summer term (checkout)