Kurdistan Street View

Our project, Kurdistan Street View from Google Maps, allows people around the globe to explore and witness the breathtaking scenery, the continuous development, the unique but diverse culture, and all the opportunities for investment, tourism, and exploration that currently go unseen. The project tries to show the lively nature of this region that can plant hope in the midst of calamity.

The initial plan is to start from the big cities of Kurdistan, Sulaimani, Erbil, and Duhok, respectively, and include the nearby natural scenery such as the mountains, the valleys, and thousands-of-years-old caves. Geographically, these big cities of Kurdistan bring together the different cultural, societal, and architectural tastes of major traditions of civilization. The cultural prominence and pioneering characters of the cities bring a chance to replicate the project in other parts of the Kurdistan region in the case of support from Google.