APP Program Student Learning Outcomes


Students who complete APP will be able to demonstrate competency in the following areas:

Reading:  Read and analyze chapter to unit length authentic academic texts on a variety of topics through the application of reading strategies, including surveying the text, identifying and summarizing key points, connecting information across texts, and repairing comprehension problems via contextual vocabulary analysis and identification of contextual function of clauses and phrases.  

Writing:  Use the writing process to generate and organize multi-paragraph arguments, opinions, and reports, with usage of appropriate grammar, structure, and format.

Supporting Skills: 

  • Listening/Speaking:  Listen to lectures while simultaneously taking notes that identify key and supporting ideas; participate in class discussions by asking questions for clarification and offering answers or ideas to questions posed by others.
  • Study Skills:  Organize information from readings and lectures into notes and study guides to be used individually and in study groups; apply basic time management skills to individual courses; demonstrate technological literacy through the use of MS Office, Google drive and documents, Moodle, Topschool, email, the World Wide Web, and other relevant academic technologies for language learning and practice.

Some competencies adapted from California state guidelines on academic literacy.