Admissions Deadlines

AUIS has two main admissions rounds in 2016-17:

  • Early Admissions Round 
  • Regular Admissions Round

Serious applicants to AUIS should apply to one of these rounds to ensure consideration of an application.

If space is still available for 2016-2017 after the Early and Regular Admissions Rounds have concluded, AUIS may open the Spring Admissions Rounds. Space and acceptance criteria for these rounds depend on competitiveness and availability.

If you are interested in applying to AUIS, please carefully review the below information to ensure that you are selecting the optimal round for your admission case.

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The Early Admissions Round is meant for serious applicants that have AUIS as their first choice and are ready to legally commit to AUIS without reviewing their options.
The Regular Admissions Round is meant for serious applicants that want to review all of their admissions options, including the KRG zankoline and Iraqi university placement results, before making a final decision about AUIS.
Spring Admissions Round will only run if AUIS has seats left from the Early and Regular Admissions Rounds. Serious applicants should apply to Early or Regular Admissions Rounds to ensure application will be considered in 2016-2017.