Hasna Bouharfouche

Hasna Bouharfouche
Arabic Translator for Social Work

Email: hasna.bouhar@auis.edu.krd



Hasna has a PhD in Human Sciences from the University of Sorbonne (Paris) and the Beirut Arab University. She is specialized in Lebanese Chronicles and the mechanisms of memory in the francophone writings, for which she won the 1st prize of the famous contest “My thesis in 180 seconds”. She has a Master’s degree in Francophone Literature and soon to earn a diploma in Religions and Media from the Saint Joseph University (Beirut). She joined CGDS in 2019 as a translator.
Before joining CGDS, she worked as an editor/translator in media institutions (Ayna Corporation, Almustaqbal website and Future Television), and as a university coordinator and instructor for foreign languages (Lebanese University, BAU) and Media and Politics (AUL university). As a researcher, she participated to a number of conferences and has several scientific publications on different topics related to culture, literature and gender based discrimination. As a trilingual translator, she translated a number of books from and into English, French and Arabic. She is also an activist for women’s empowerment.
Hasna is interested in the fields of social work, social media, religions, politics, and educational approaches and techniques.