The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Hosts CGDS

On November 9, 2020, member of CGDS and UNFPA met with Her Excellency Kwestan Mohamad Abdulla, the Minster of Labor and Social Affairs. Dr. Choman Hardi, Director of CGDS, Dr. Hawar Jamal, the UNFPA Project Manager for CGDS, Dr. Lynn Rose, CGDS Deputy Director, and Ms. Azhee Amin, UNFPA Program Analyst, discussed our projects, all of which aim to decrease GBV in the region. Her excellency Kwestan Mohamad Abdulla expressed her appreciation for our work and for our inter-group  communication, and agreed to future meetings.

Photo Description: Seven slightly-smiling people stand in a row, facing the camera. All have masks pushed down around their chins except for the man on the far right, who wears his mask on his face. From left to right, we see a woman wearing black trousers, shirt, and hijab; a woman with long light hair, wearing a black suit with a vertically striped black and white shirt; a woman with short dark hair and glasses wearing a black suit with a white shirt; a woman with curly dark hair and glasses, wearing a grey coat; a woman with light hair wearing a black jacket over a red skirt; a women with dark hair wearing a neutral linen suit with a dark jacket; and a man with dark graying hair wearing blue jeans and a dark blue collared shirt. Behind the people we see two windows with the brown shades drawn, in front of which are three flags. In front of the people we see a brown wooden table upon which is sanitizing lotion, gloves, tissues, and an array of small wrapped chocolates.