CGDS Director Gives a Speech about Setting Up Gender Studies at the City College of New York

On March 10th, 2020, CGDS Director Dr. Choman Hardi, was invited by Dr. Stanley Thangaraj, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Gender Studies, and International Studies, to give a speech at the City College of New York. The speech regarded how Dr. Hardi has set up Gender Studies in Kurdistan-Iraq. It further elaborated on how her experiences became a motivation for the latter.  The discussion focused on Dr. Hardi’s academic experience and how being part of the “ Kurdish diaspora” has affected her. Focusing on her book “Considering the Women” by Bloodaxe Books and “Gendered Experiences of Genocide Anfal Survivors in Kurdistan-Iraq” by Routlegde, she recounted the motive behind her publications and research. Dr. Hardi further talked about how the concept of gender has developed and is perceived in Kurdistan. She addressed how there are various misconceptions surrounding the concept and how gender is usually stigmatized and perceived with reluctance.