CGDS Attends Sign Language Lesson

Hosted by AUIS Student Services as part of “Celebrate Our Differences” Diversity Week, Sign Language Instructor Ms. Bahara Mahmood Mohammed introduced some basic signing concepts to an audience of AUIS students, faculty, and staff on October 9th, 2019. Ms. Bahara, of the Hiwa Foundation, has 30 years of experience teaching Sign. She introduced the criteria for good signing, and demonstrated the Kurdish and English alphabets, as well as some colors, numbers, and common expressions. After addressing several questions and comments, she informed the audience of the great need for—and extreme shortage of—Sign Language interpreters and instructors. In addition, there is widespread misunderstanding about people who have deafness and hearing loss. She closed by encouraging AUIS students to learn Sign Language, and she hopes that AUIS will include Sign Language in its curriculum.