2018 Overview

We, as the CGDS team, had a very productive 2018. There were a lot of workshops, events, celebrations, and conferences that our team at CGDS held, collaborated on, or attended. Here is a breakdown of what we did throughout 2018: 
- CGDS held the first CGDS Cinema Screening and Discussion at AUIS.
- Training for CGDS and community by Marcus Armstrong about Mediation
- During Women’s Week, we had art auction; decoration of the cafeteria; event to acknowledge the hard work of the staff at AUIS.
- AUIS Center for Gender and Development Studies partnered with Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Ball State University through an IREX grant, four CGDS team members visited BSU in Indiana for one week.
- CGDS held Network Conference with London School of Economics (LSE) 
- CGDS partnered with Internews to hold ‘Women’s Voices’ Workshop
- Dr. Lynn Rose presented CGDS activities at 2018 AMICAL Conference, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
- Dr. Lynn Rose presented CGDS activities at 2018 International Education Conference, Baku, Azerbaijan
- Second Phase of the LSE Workshop: CGDS received insight from funders on how projects are looked at from the point of view of funders.
- CGDS team members participated in the ECO Workshop, Baghdad and Erbil
- Dr. Andrea Zittlau, CGDS visited professor from University of Rostock, Germany for ten days.
- European Union awarded €900,000 grant to CGDS in AUIS
- Dr. Lynn Rose delivered presentation on CGDS activities at International Arts and Humanities Conference, Columbo, Sri Lanka
- CGDS held a gathering with Kashkol to announce the EU grant, Aram Gallery
- German Consulate members visited CGDS
- EU Ambassador to Iraq visited CGDS
- CGDS met in Erbil with the Minister of Higher Education and Women’s High Council
- CGDS presented at Tashweesh: Conversations and Encounters in Feminism, Cairo, Egypt
- Launched CGDS’s European Union Project: Enhancing Education, Developing Community, and Promoting Visibility to Effect Gender Equity in Iraq and the MENA Region
- Sixteen Days of Activism
- CGDS held the Hard Launch of the EU Project
EU Project Launch