CGDS in the Kurdistan Health Summit

On April 20, 21, and 22, Ms. Goshan Mohammed, a Co-Manager of CGDS, participated and led two panels in the first Kurdistan Health Summit for Health Awareness and Development. This summit discussed several issues, such as healthcare, integrating technology into health systems, primary care, patient history, medical ethics, role of nursing and many other topics. 
The event was attended by officials, doctors, and medical school graduates from all over Kurdistan to discuss the shortcomings and discrepancies that are facing the region and ways to solve them. Ms. Goshan lead the panel that discussed ‘Private and Public Relationship in Medicine’ with panelists Dr. Omed Noori, Dr. Shwan Qadir, Dr. Ali Sandi as well as  ‘The Role of Nurses in Improving Healthcare’ with the panelists Dr. Eva Saeed, Maria Hyde, Jabar Muhammad, and Dr. Vian Naqishabandy.