As Part of Its EU Grant, CGDS Offers Three Workshops to Train Diversity Discussants


As part of its EU grant to promote education about gender and diversity, CGDS offered three workshops as part of the training for Diversity Discussants. Several AUIS students participated in the workshops on April 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2019. Once trained, these Diversity Discussants, all AUIS students, will serve in the local public schools to familiarize children with concepts of gender equity, as well as equity among people with disabilities and people of varying religions and ethnicities. The workshop on disability inclusion was conducted by Dr. Lynn Rose (Social Sciences) as the first in the series. The training on ethnic/religious diversity was conducted by Ms. Goshan Mohammed (Math and Science). Dr. Choman Hardi (Department of English) led the training on gender equity. The project will include, in addition to several visits to the schools, policy recommendations to the Ministry of Education.