CGDS Holds Workshop on Sexual Harassment for Private Sectors in Sulaimani

On April 22, 2019, Dr. Choman Hardi, Director of CGDS, and Dr. Lynn Rose, Deputy Director of CGDS, with the help of Hiwa Foundation facilitated a workshop on sexual harassment in the workplace for different private companies in Sulaimani. The workshop kicked off with the definitions of sex, gender, sexism, and sexualities.
The participants were presented with different scenarios to decide if it is acts of sexual assault or collegial gestures. They also pinpointed the different types of harassment in the workplace. The aim of the workshop was to emphasize the importance of policies on sexual harassment in the workplace.
It is worth mentioning that the workshop was attended by both men and women employees of Hiwa Foundation, Fanoos Telecom, Hiwa Rauf Investment, Dlnia Insurance, and Ashur Bricks. Many thanks to the supervisors for encouraging their staff to take part in this. Special thanks to Hiwa Foundation for organizing and coordinating the workshop for our presenters.