The Academic Preparatory Program (APP) prepares non-native English speaking high school graduates to enter the AUIS undergraduate program by teaching them academic English, critical thinking skills
FAQ for New Students Can I skip an APP level?
Daily after-school writing, reading, and speaking/listening labs offer students one-on-one instruction from faculty members and peer tutors.
Our team is comprised of three staff members and English instructors.
APP offers four levels of instruction in the areas of  Reading and Writing, with each class focusing on English for academic success (including Grammar, Study Skills, and Listening/Speaking...
Please review these student policies for the Academic Preparatory Program. 
The Academic Preparatory Program is proactive in outreach events and strives to be a resource to the entire community. 
APP holds multiple programs throughout the year for prospective students to introduce them to AUIS.   
These resources will help you improve your reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary.